Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The private war.

  I believe inside the mind and soul of every Spirit led believer there is a war, a private war; one that is fought on levels so deep and personal, so interconnected with us in our walk with God that it is impossible to describe. There are no words, it's bigger than words and fought with prayer. Personally, I have a war going on, and its battle lines are clearly defined. My struggle teaches me obedience unto righteousness and holiness.  If your own walk with God has not seen its wilderness and battlefields, you may well be on the wide road instead of the narrow path. "The path to God's Kingdom is filled with tribulation and sorrow", Paul said. He was right in knowing that the narrow path is Satan's hunting ground. We become targets to a dark spiritual realm with physical realities with an enemy who is literally, trying to wear out the saints. Our hearts belong to Christ, so the enemy is after our mind. Jesus died for our sins, and there is a system today trying to extinguish what the reality of His existence and death really means for humanity. We are in the midst of a new era in anti-Christianity and those for Christ are under attack. Ultimately, know this: to live for Christ is a death sentence to the flesh.

  •  I believe this message is for someone specific.  Someone like me out there, who has seen adversity and trouble mount against them in ways not easily spoken of. Someone who has brought trouble upon themselves and still, fights these battles in faith, knowing the author of faith is also it's finisher. Your private war is for your redemption, and God's discipline is for your salvation. Jesus has already defeated your oppressor, and so shall you. Live each day out loud in thanksgiving to our Lord, and count it a blessing that your faith is visible enough to be attacked. Your enemy knows to whom you truly belong.

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  1. Its good to see someone else is facing the same battles I am. The sad fact is that our numbers are rapidly depleting...quite literally.